Saint Petersburg 2016 Workshop
Accretion Processes in Cosmic Sources

Accretion is a universal phenomenon that takes place in the vast majority of astrophysical objects. The progress of ground-based and space-borne observational facilities has resulted in the great amount of information on various accreting astrophysical objects, collected within the last decades. The accretion is accompanied by the process of extensive energy release that takes place on the surface of an accreting object and in various gaseous envelopes, accretion disk, jets and other elements of the flow pattern. The results of observations inspired the intensive development of accretion theory, which, in turn, enabled us to study unique properties of accreting objects and physical conditions in the surrounding environment. One of the most interesting outcomes of this intensive study is the fact that accretion processes are, in a sense, self-similar on various spatial scales from planetary systems to galaxies. This fact gives us new opportunities to investigate objects that, by various reasons, are not available for direct study.

Cataclysmic variable stars are unique natural laboratories where one can conduct the detailed observational study of accretion processes and accretion disks. This is the main reason why several participants and a few members of the Organizing Committee of the conference «The Golden Age of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects – III» (September 7-12, 2015, Palermo, Italy) have decided to hold a special conference, focused on accretion processes, as a branch of that series.

Main topics:

  • Young Stellar Objects, protoplanetary discs, exoplanets in binary stars
  • Accretion on white dwarfs (Cataclysmic variables and related objects);
  • Accretion on neutron stars (X-ray Binary Systems and related objects);
  • Accretion on black holes (stellar BH and AGN).

The workshop will include a few 35-minute general review talks to introduce the current problems, and 20-minute talks to discuss new experimental and theoretical results. A series of 15-minute talks will discuss the ongoing and planned ground-based and space-based experiments. There will also be some general talks about the future directions of scientific research on cosmic sources. The papers will pass a peer-review process and the workshop proceedings will be edited by Franco Giovannelli & Lola Sabau-Graziati.

The location of the workshop is the Ambassador Hotel, located in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation, a venue that will provide a friendly and collaborative atmosphere.

Participation is by invitation only.




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